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How Smart Apartment Communities are Creating Value for Residents

July 02, 2020

creating-resident-value-cookingResident reviews expert Mindy Price of J Turner Research shared trending topics about creating value in apartment communities and how to leverage amenities despite facing Covid challenges as part of a June 2020 Speedy Session webinar.

Creating Value: Let Residents Know

Smart apartment communities have had their creative juices working overtime during Covid-19 to generate ideas on how to create and communicate value for their residents.

Some have been so good at it -- they’ve put in place things that aren’t going to go away, even when the recovery is at hand. And we’re talking more than just virtual bingo.

  • Virtual Paint and Sip allows residents to show off their brushstrokes and … have a glass of wine
  • Encourage Cooking from Home by providing a recipe book of Covid Cuisine
  • Rent or buy some Remote-Control Miniature Race Cars and have residents compete in your parking lot
  • Give residents subscriptions to Disney+, Netflix or HBO
  • Promote a Facebook online Book Club—these were popular even before stay-at-home policies
  • There are daily calendars themed with 31 Days of Organizing Tips
  • Host a resident participation Virtual Talent Show
  • Does your community offer outstanding Internet speeds? This is a good time to remind them.
  • Hire a Taco Food Truck to come by and toast margaritas.
  • Host a Margarita Rocks virtual event – hire a bartender who can either share a video or run a Facebook Live event to show cool tricks to make their own margaritas.
  • Encourage residents to share their margarita pictures on social media and tag your community. The picture with the most “likes” wins a prize.

Amenities Remain a Selling Point Even in Covid Environment

If your amenities or services were out of order before the Covid-19 restrictions, and they are still out of order -- because you haven’t had the chance to fix them -- they will note that in your reviews.

Residents are commenting about how well you’ve kept the amenities clean and: That they are open!

If they aren’t open, they are commenting that they are paying the same rent, but don’t have access to them.

You have residents who love to grill, and who love to use the common area’s grilling station. But it’s closed now. How about giving them a grill similar to a George Foreman grill just to show that you are thinking of them?

If your fitness room is closed, buy some dumbbells and resistance bands (Note: Many online retailers have sold out) and either give them to residents or make them available to share/borrow.

Peloton bikes are great, but expensive. So, offer a three-month subscription to the Peloton app, which is loaded with great exercise tools and videos. Cost is only $12.99 per month, but you get one month free.

Keep it local: try to partner with local business to help support them.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash