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Google My Business

Show What You Offer With Google My Business Products

Written by Chris Roberts on October 15, 2020

Welcome to Day 4.

If you’ve been with us through this entire series, then welcome back! If you’re just joining us today, then welcome for the first time. Feel free to stick with this Day or start from the beginning to find out what you’ve missed.

For everyone who’s been along for the ride, today we’re going to explore Google My Business (GMB) Products.

The Catch With GMB Products

If Google My Business Products were universal, then I’d definitely recommend that every business include them as part of their listing.

Unfortunately, they are not: Products only show up for certain kinds of businesses based on the Primary Category that the business has selected.

So, if this option doesn’t show up for you, then feel free to jump straight ahead to Day 5 – Reviews and skip this step entirely. Not sure where to find them? Just login to your Google My Business dashboard and then look for the “Products” section in the left menu.


If Products are available to you, then let’s talk about what they are and why they are important.

Product Prominence

The nice thing about Products relative to Posts is that they show up much higher in your GMB listing. While your prospective clients have to scroll a LONG way to see your Posts, Products display with no scrolling required.

Right from the moment your listing displays, viewers can see what products and services you offer.

This is important: even if you don’t sell specific items, you definitely should list out every service your business provides.

Let’s take a look at Roto-Rooter:


In this example, they have done a lot with their Product listings:

  1. The very first item is an eye-catching discount coupon
  2. As you scroll to the right, they list every service that they offer
  3. You can also see every service by clicking “View all”

Here they are:


What’s nice about this is that it clearly shows everything that they offer. Yes, you can have them out to clean your drain (which was the search term that you used in the first place) but if you need your bathroom or kitchen sink fixed, they can handle that too.

The only slip-up is that “Garbage Disposal Service” shows up twice.

They most important point to make about Products in GMB listings is that even if you’re not a Roto-Rooter you can also have Products display on your listing. You just have to set them up.

Since many of your competitors have not gone to the trouble, just imagine how much your listing will now stand out.

Parts of a GMB Product

Like GMB Posts, you can add a lot of information about your Product:

  1. Photo
  2. Product Name
  3. Product Category (good if you have multiple products or services that fall into different categories)
  4. Fixed Price or Price Range
  5. Price (optional)
  6. Product Description
  7. Button

For the button, you have the following options:

  1. Order online
  2. Buy
  3. Learn more
  4. Get offer

As you can see, the format allows for a lot of flexibility and you are not forced into ONLY using this feature to list physical products that you sell.

You can use it for services, discount codes, and special events. If there is something your business is doing that you would like to highlight, get creative about how to turn it into a “Product”.

Action Step 1 – Product Brainstorming

To get creative about how you use Products, brainstorm everything that you can think of about your business that sets you apart and is appealing to your customers.

For example, while “great customer service” might not seem like a Product, if it’s a selling point then you can certainly create a Product listing for it. If your clients already rave about it and it’s a reason why someone would hire you, then you’ll want to highlight it.

Here are some potential Products that an apartment community could have:

  1. Pool
  2. Gym
  3. Events
  4. Rent Discounts
  5. Neighborhood
  6. High-Speed WiFi
  7. Smart Technology
  8. Proximity to Transportation
  9. LEED Certification

Action Step 2 – Create a Product

You probably saw this one coming.

Go ahead, if you haven’t already, and set up a Product. If possible, think about how you can categorize your Products so that they are even clearer to potential customers (as Roto-Rooter did in the example above).

Note on images: similar to Posts, you’ll want your Product images to be 400 pixels by 300 pixels (a 4 to 3 image ratio) in either JPG or PNG format.

What's Next

I hope that you are making good progress on improving your Google My Business profile.

By now, you should have selected your ideal GMB categories, created some posts to share news or provide special offers, responded to questions (even if you had to ask them yourself) and created some unique Products.

There's only one thing left to do: wrangle your Google My Business reviews.