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New York is Setting the Example for Showing Community Kindness Towards Older Tenants

April 16, 2020


With the elderly being at such a high risk for experiencing health complications caused by catching the novel coronavirus, the well-being and good health of elderly residents is a big concern for many caring neighbors and building staff where these tenants reside. 


If you have elderly residents, you may be looking into what exactly you can do to help this group in your community. 


Luckily, the entire city of New York is setting an incredible example for our industry to follow when it comes to taking care of our older tenants. 


With the biggest share of elderly renters in the country, it is no surprise that New York residents and building owners are rising to the challenge of protecting and watching out for their elderly neighbors. 


It’s truly amazing what can happen when efforts combine!


Let’s take a look at what the Big Apple is doing...


Building Staff Perform Small Acts of Kindness


In a multitude of housing complexes for seniors on the Lower East Side, building management is personally distributing hand sanitizer and disinfectants to residents so that they don’t have to leave their homes for a product that might not even be in stock. 


As small of an act of kindness as this might be, these properties are providing elderly tenants with one less reason to need to leave their home and risk exposure. 


As well, building attendants and staff are regularly sanitizing the lobby and elevators when residents come and go for necessary supplies. 


In addition, building staff members are making sure all residents know that the community events are canceled to ensure no one accidentally shows up. 


Residents Go the Extra Mile 


An especially amazing trend among New York residents is the daily act of going above and beyond the standard ramifications of social distancing to ensure the safety of elderly neighbors. 


Along with staying more than the recommended six feet apart, they are striving to not be in the hallway, elevators, or front office at the same time as other residents. They are also personally sanitizing any community space they touch or interact with.


It’s not too often that we see such a large group of people collectively and actively thinking about others in this way — especially when we all already have so much to worry about during this pandemic. 


Owners and Residents Organize Check-Ins


To ensure that elderly residents, especially those who live alone, are doing alright and are stocked on necessary supplies, many property owners and managers are performing regular morning check-ins — through a phone or closed front door of course!


Residents of a Jackson Heights co-op building have a plan to identify older residents who live alone and assign them someone to check in on them regularly. 


Neighbors Go Grocery Shopping


Many New York residents have begun to go grocery shopping and make pharmacy runs for neighbors who physically are not able, are immune-compromised, or at a higher risk. 


On Bay Ridge resident, Marilyn Morales, has begun knocking on doors and asking if the buildings’ older residents need anything while she’s out. 


“We have to do what we can to help each other,” says Morales. “Not everyone has somebody.”




As amazing as this all is, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what New York residents and properties alike are doing for their elderly tenants. 


With everything going on, it’s amazing to see such a genuine show of #CommunityKindness!


We encourage you to take these stories to heart, and apply whatever you can to your own processes for helping your residents!




Interested in organizing your own community grocery shopping? 


Here are 10 free printable lists that you can hand out to residents to fill out and give back to you: https://www.freeprintablegrocerylist.com/