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July 2020 Apartment Marketing Idea: Be Helpful, Solve Problems

July 29, 2020


Trust and reliability are two important things leasing professionals can display, and both will go a long way in closing leases.

This month's apartment marketing idea comes courtesy of Toni Blake, a popular speaker, consultant and author inspiring thousands of apartment industry professionals.

Blake says that 84 percent of people want to rent from those who they know and trust. “Trust comes from competence and ethics, and ethics is 3x more important than competence,” she says.

Blake spoke of such techniques and other apartment marketing ideas during a Webinar Wednesday presentation in June hosted by MultifamilyInsiders.com.

“Help not hype is your best marketing tool” Blake explains, quoting esteemed marketing guru and author, Jay Baer, in his book, Youtility.

When having that conversation before prospects visit the community, “solve a problem for them,” she says. “For example, if they call for directions to the property, ask them, ‘Will you be needing to fill up your tank with gas?’ Then, tell them where the cheapest nearby gas station is located.”

Look in the Mirror

And when the phone does ring in the leasing office, “you must answer on the first ring. Nearly half (49 percent) of leasing office calls go unanswered. If you let it go to voice-mail, only 12 percent of people will leave a message. And, 86 percent of people prefer speaking to a person than communicating via chat bot.”

Furthermore, it’s an old trick of the trade, but have a small mirror nearby and look into it before you answer the phone. “Make sure you aren’t wearing that ‘I’m doing paper work’ face.”

When thinking about the type of apartment residents you are trying to attract, consider what kind of person you’d want to have living at your community and be that person, Blake says.

Perhaps you want someone who is fair, level-headed and pleasant. “If you show those characteristics yourself, the law of attraction suggests you will attract them,” Blake says.

People are naturally attracted to others who are helpful. Think of that mall store for children “Build a Bear.” All around the space, the employees are helping their customers get what they came for.

“When prospects enter your leasing office, let them see that you are taking care of them or others, such as current residents, solving their problems and answering their questions,” Blake says. “It works.”

Taking a cue from author and famed declutter consultant Marie Condo, think about what “Sparks Joy.” Create for your prospects a “want” to live there rather just a “have” to live there.

Build Trust Through Transparency

Another way to build trust is through transparency about rents and move-out charges, according to a 2020 resident study.

Among the most common complaints prospective residents share about their search process is a lack of transparency in what they will pay for their new apartment home.

One resident surveyed for this study said, “I’d like to get some sense of whether or not the landlord is fair. The security deposit information would help me gauge how fair the landlord is. It’s not make-or-break, but it would help me know.”

Said another, “If all other things were equal, this could be a deciding factor.”

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash