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How to Print an Instagram QR Code So Residents Can Follow You With a Click

By Chris Roberts

If we've learned anything from Amazon over the years, it's that people like doing things in one click.

Typically to follow a person or business on Instagram (unless it's a major celebrity who Instagram suggests) you have to search for them.

This is not terribly efficient:

  1. Open Instagram app
  2. Access search feature
  3. Type in name
  4. Make sure name is spelled correctly
  5. Click "Follow"

Clearly, to get through all of this, your new prospective follower must be highly motivated. And, since you are likely not one of the afore-mentioned celebrities posting an update about your latest exercise routine, chances are that they are not.

Here's some good news for all of us non-famous people and businesses that don't go by a single name (Google, YouTube, Snapchat): now people can follow your Instagram account using a QR code with just the click of their camera phone.

Even better news: it's very easy to set up.

Getting Your Instagram QR Code

STEP 1 - Go to Your Profile

Told you it would be easy.


STEP 2 - Access Your Menu

Once you have the menu open, look for the "QR Code" option. Tap it to open your QR code.



STEP 3 - Share Your QR Code

Using the share option in the top right corner, send the QR Code to your email as a PNG file.



STEP 4 - Print and Use

Add your new Instagram QR code to printed material, a stand near the street (so that anyone can snap it in passing) or just display it on a laptop or iPad screen for people to scan from there.

Try it out! Just point your camera at the OpenProperty QR code above and snap a photo to see what happens.

Following Made Simple

The great thing about these QR codes is that a person just needs to take a picture of it with their phone - they don't need to be in the Instagram app for it to work.

Once they've snapped a photo, Instagram will open on their phone and go straight to your account with a prominent follow button. OK, fine - it's not quite one click, but it sure beats out having to search.

Have you used the Instagram QR code already? Can you think of other ways to share it? Let us know in the comments!

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