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Graduation Ceremony for Residents: Unexpected Surprises to Increase Word-of-Mouth Referrals

May 28, 2020

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many celebrations to a complete halt — including graduation ceremonies. 

For high school seniors around the world, their long-awaited walk across the  graduation stage has been canceled and due to social distancing measures, it has been difficult to find other ways to mark the special occasion. 

One apartment community recognized this and decided to make a difference.


In an amazing act of community kindness, Gio Apartments in Plano, Texas hosted an on-site graduation ceremony for seniors who live in the community. Complete with “Class of 2020” balloons, painted signs, and a limo, the graduates were treated to a complimentary photoshoot, diploma and gift basket. 

One student said, “I think it’s so special that these people care so much for someone who they really don’t know.”

It’s clear that for these residents, it wasn’t what was physically given at the ceremony that mattered but the thought and effort that went into it. 

This heart-warming story even ended up on a CBS 11 News segment, where thousands of viewers heard the name “Gio Apartments” in a very positive light. Which brings us to our main point — simple acts of kindness like this is a win-win for your multifamily property and your residents. 

Hosting a small event such as a graduation ceremony is a prime opportunity to do something kind for your current residents that they won’t forget and increase the chance that they will tell friends and family about your property as well as potentially have the story spread through other mediums such as online articles. 

What we love most about this approach is that there is no downside to the equation!

Word-of-mouth referrals are the strongest in potency when it comes to tactics for attaining new leases, but they are the most difficult to create. Acts of kindness such as this can help give your current residents something to talk about online as well as in-person to their loved ones. 

Here are some simple, inexpensive items you can give out at your graduation event: 

  • Hats or t-shirts that say, “Class of 2020” 
  • College notebook/planner
  • A calendar for the upcoming year
  • A graduation cap with different ways to decorate it
  • Funny advice book
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Branded reusable water bottle
  • 2020 keychain
  • Picture frame for diploma 
  • Disposable camera 

As a reminder, your residents will simply appreciate that your property took the time to put something together — as the cliche goes, it’s the thought that counts!