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Google My Business

Tips for Google My Business Q and A

Written by Chris Roberts on October 15, 2020

Welcome to Day 3 of a 5-Day series designed to make your Google My Business listing look polished and professional.

We previously provided information on Categories and Posts, and today’s topic all about Questions & Answers.

Let’s get started!

If You Don’t Answer, Someone Else Will

Since this is an article about Q&A, it only makes sense to start off with a question: how many businesses actually answer the questions that people ask on Google My Business?

Answer: less than 33%.

The good news for you since you are reading this and taking action to improve your GMB listing is that you can leapfrog over your competition and place yourself in the top 2/3rds just by answering a few questions.

Easy right?

This becomes even more critical when you realize the following: anyone can answer a question posted on a GMB listing.

That’s right – anyone – whether they are affiliated with your business or not.

I don’t know about you, but I would not want complete strangers answering questions about my business. I would want to own those conversations, to ensure that any question asked was being answered with complete and accurate information.

To prove my point, here’s an example of a Q&A for an apartment community:


Yep, that is certainly not ideal.

Taking Control of GMB Q&A

The first step toward improving the Q&A on your GMB listing is straightforward – just answer any questions that others have already asked.

But what if no one has asked any questions yet?

Take this opportunity to talk to yourself: behavior that is totally bizarre when walking down a busy city street is completely fine for GMB Q&A.

What I mean by “talk to yourself” is ask and answer your own questions:

  1. If you have a FAQ page somewhere on your website, just repost some of the top questions and answers to Google.
  2. If you don’t have an existing FAQ, just review some of the questions that people commonly ask about your business.

Like with so many other things related to Google, there is absolutely no guarantee that someone who searches for your business is going to look to the Q&A to get their questions answered.

However, consider their perception of your business relative to others that they are trying to choose from: when they see that your listing has 15 answered questions and another company has zero, who are they more likely to do business with?

Action Step 1 – Set a Reminder to Check Q&A

Unfortunately, there’s no automated way to find out when someone asks a question.

Q&A doesn’t show up on your Google My Business dashboard, so even if you log into that every day (to create a new Post, right?) you won’t see that there are any new questions asked.

Instead, you’ll just have to Google your business by name and see what shows up in your listing.

Given this is the only way to stay on top of the questions (and hopefully answer them before some random person does), set yourself a calendar reminder to check your listing once per month.

If you’re finding that there is still not a lot of Q&A volume, then shift to once per quarter.

Action Step 2 – Create Your Own Q&A

I mentioned this technique above, but feel that it’s important enough to include again as an action item.

When you want to create your own questions and answers, consider the following:

  • What are the most common questions people ask about your business, with the exception of things like business hours, which are already provided on the GMB listing?
  • If you were considering hiring your business, what would you want to know?
  • If you already have a FAQ, what could you repost to Q&A?

Once you have compiled a great list of questions, just Google your business by name and then post both the questions AND the answers.

While your certainly can go on a posting spree and publish them all at once, it will create better optics to space them out and post one per day or even a couple per week.

TIP: avoid posting questions and answers that are not "evergreen" - for example, don't post Q&A for a limited time offer or event. Instead, consider the questions that people ask about your business where the answer doesn't change from month-to-month.

Action Step 3 - Create Q&A Posts

Running low on ideas about what content to use for your Google My Business Posts?

Just take some of your questions and answers - whether they are from actual clients or ones that you have posted yourself - and turn them into engaging graphics using a service like Canva.

Here's an example of one that I did in about 10 minutes.


With just 12 Q&A items, you can set yourself up with one GMB Post per week for the next 3 months. Nice!

What’s Next?

Sorry, that was yet another question. I’ll stop now, I promise.

Tomorrow we will move on from questions and talk about Products. These are a great way to showcase what products you offer to your clients (services work too), but there’s a limitation.

We’ll talk all about it on Day 4 – How to Promote Products and Services on Google My Business