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A Story of Community Kindness: San Antonio Apartment Association Partners With the City to Bring Residents Major Financial Relief

April 09, 2020


It’s amazing to see how our industry comes together during times of uncertainty and the amazing strides organizations are taking to help unemployed residents and those who are negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


One city that is showing incredible #CommunityKindness is San Antonio in southern Texas. 


In an incredible act of generosity, the San Antonio Apartment Association has partnered with the city to cover 100% of April rent for families who qualify for the city’s risk mitigation fund. 


                       Visit here to learn about the fund’s policy and specifications. 


Marc Ross, the past president of the association has been working alongside the city for the past two weeks to find a way to provide aid to both residents and properties. 


We believe this is so important and noteworthy because it is both sides of the multifamily equation that are suffering right now. 


Here’s how it works: People who qualify will get 75% of their April rent paid by the city,  and property owners will forgo the other 25% of the rent.


Based on an average monthly rent of $1,000, every $1 million in assistance will help over 250 families.


This system is both a fair and forgiving arrangement.


Ross shared a couple of quotes on the subject in a NEWS4SA article, and there was one that really resonated with us:


“We're trying to be caring and understanding, while also understanding we have a business to operate.” 


We could not have said it better ourselves. This is the truth of the matter and this display shows that it is possible to support both residents and property owners — something to take inspiration from. 


At a time like this, it can be easy to put the focus all in one place, but with this true act of #CommunityKindness, San Antonio and the San Antonio Apartment Association is highlighting how to care for all parties involved.


Together, we are stronger. 



If you’re a San Antonio resident and are interested in applying to the program, you can call 210-207-5910 or click here for assistance.




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