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Balcony Parties for Residents to Connect Amid Social Distancing

May 01, 2020


Spring has quickly become the season for balconies!


With social distancing still in place, residents who live in apartment communities with balconies are utilizing them in creative and fun ways to connect with their neighbors. 


We’ve collected a few of the best balcony stories to bring a smile to your face as well as offer you ideas to propose to your own residents for ways to connect while social distancing: 

Balcony Bash 

Our first balcony-fun story comes from Ohio, where residents of a high-rise in the town of Kettering held a “Balcony Bash.” 


Organized by resident Barry Schaile, this balcony party had a dual goal of allowing residents to blow off a little social distancing steam and cheering on essential workers. 


“We’ve got a lot of balconies and it’s just a fun way for people to come out and wave at each other and make a joyful noise. [...] Encourage people. Tell people we’re alive. Cheer on the essential workers that are helping us all stay alive and just make some noise. And maybe scare away some demons or just have some primal scream therapy."


With neighbors making all kinds of noises with horns, bells, pans, and even instruments, it was a simple yet wonderful display of re-connection. 


The Balcony Bash was such a show-stopper that it even attracted surrounding neighbors to step outside their front doors to join in or enjoy the festive atmosphere. 


Luckily, a few moments were even caught on video! Click here to watch the bash!

A Stage for Shakespeare 

In a truly “English” display, residents of two apartment complexes that sit across the street from each other performed a stunning rendition of the balcony scene from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” It was a moment that they invited neighbors both next-door and nearby to come and watch — at a safe distance from others of course. 


While this performance was given from their respective windows rather than actual balconies, we feel that this beautiful moment deserved a spot in this balcony-fun collection!


Want to enjoy this wonderfully-written scene? Watch the YouTube video here.  

Miami Dance Party 

In a show of support for medical staff, caregivers, and other essential workers, residents of high-rises all across Miami threw a balcony dance party. 


In Miami, music is at the heart of the city’s culture and this dance party was an incredible way to lift the spirits of hard-working individuals who get up and attend their job every day. 


With Miami’s curfew in place for non-essential workers, apartment residents know that people outside past 6 PM are likely essential workers on their way home. This makes a nighttime balcony dance party the perfect opportunity to reach these workers. 

How Your Property Can Create Resident Connection 

If your community has units with balconies, encourage your residents to utilize them to connect with neighbors on the weekends or evenings. You can even gather your staff to brainstorm different ideas and balcony events to host for your residents. This is an easy and cost-free way to increase the engagement between your residents during social distancing. 


Did you know that residents who grow close connections to seven or more of their neighbors are less likely to move


If your community does not have balconies, you can still host similar events, you just have to be a little more creative about it. For example, encourage residents to step outside their front door, open up their windows, or use their patios!


A little bit of effort on your part will go a long way with your residents!


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